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Amazonia Forest 🌳 - 5 Piece Canvas
Amazonia Forest 🌳 - 5 Piece Canvas
Amazonia Forest 🌳 - 5 Piece Canvas
Amazonia Forest 🌳 - 5 Piece Canvas

Amazonia Forest 🌳 - 5 Piece Canvas

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Protecting the Amazon means safeguarding millions of species of animals, plants, and insects who call it home. It means allowing indigenous communities and locals whose livelihoods depend on the forest to thrive. It means stabilizing our planet's climate and protecting 20% of the oxygen production of our world. It means a lot.

Amazon Conservation has been protecting the western Amazon for almost 20 years now. We work hard to maximize the impact of your contributions. We are a top-rated charity by Charity Navigator (4-Star rating), Guide Star Exchange (Gold Level), and Great Nonprofits (Top-Rated). So when you donate to Amazon Conservation, you can feel comfortable knowing you are contributing to a trustworthy organization that shares your passion and commitment for environmental conservation.

5pcs canvas :

SMALL : 20x35cmx2 20x45cmx2 20x55cmx1

(8x14inch x2,8x18inch x2,8x22inch x1)

MEDIUM : 30x40cmx2 30x60cmx2 30x80cmx1

(12x16inch x2,12x24inch x2,12x32inch x1)

LARGE : 40x60cmx2 40x80cmx2 40x100cmx1

(16x24inch x2,16x32inch x2,16x40inch x1)


Unframed : The unframed canvas is just printing on a frameless wooden canvas. Securely packaged in a protective sheet and corrugated cardboard as seen below. These prints can be easily framed by your local canvas shop or you simply stick them to your wall.

Framed : CANVAS Wrapped on Wooden Frame - This is an option to where the canvas is wrapped on wooden frame as Ready To Hang.